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The Holy Land - Israel

Sermon on the Mount (9m)

Tabgha Israel Church of the Primacy (9m)

Sea of Galilee Jesus walked on water (18m)

Elijah on Mount Carmel, Armageddon (18m)

Shepherds Field, Singing in cave (1.5m)

Ein Gedi David's Waterfall (9m)

Capernaum the Town of Jesus (10m)

Jaffa Tel Aviv Jaffa, ancient port (11m)

Masada - It's time to renew (8m)

City of Dan, (Judges): Chapter 18 (18m)

Team Slide Show (14m)

History, Jezreel Valley Northern Israel

Masada, King Herod's Bath House, Cisterns

Golan Heights, Israel (25m)

Garden Tomb, possible burial site (26m)

Jerusalem, City of David, Mt of Olives (26m)

Via Dolorosa, Pilate’s Temple, game area

Masada, Herod’s Ruins, Synagogue, Camp

Caiaphas' house, Pit, Jesus denied (11m)

Holy Land Trip Overview