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Object Lessons from Jeremiah

Some of the best ways to remember something is when you are taught with an object lesson. The book of Jeremiah is filled with messages containing object lessons from God to His people. This series goes through these object lessons to see what God is trying to teach and wants us to remember.


NOW – As Friendship Baptist Church faces a new chapter as a church family, we look at Who We Are and What We Need to Be as a church and as individual Christians.  This series challenges us to realize that God has plans for us NOW.  We look at the what it means to have the heartbeat of servant and steward of the Lord and how we are to love outwardly both within and without the church.  There is a world that needs Christ and we need to be ready and willing to follow the Lord.

The Book of Judges

The Book of Judges describes the history of Israel from the death of Joshua until the reign of Saul, Israel's first king

The Perfect Place for Imperfect People

What should one expect of the church (God’s people not a building)? Naturally one would expect more of the people that call themselves Christians, worship Him faithfully, serve Him joyfully and give to Him sacrificially. Paul deals with ALL the temptations facing the church today only they tempt him not to give up but to go to work discipling GOD’S CHURCH. 

Jesus and His Mission - A Study of Luke 1-9

The Gospel of Luke shows a perspective of Jesus that is more thorough than the other gospels.  Dr. Luke writes from interviews of eyewitness accounts providing us information not found in other places.  This series will take a look at the first nine chapters of Luke as he describes Jesus and His Mission. 

Life's Hard Questions, The Bible's Clear Answers

There are some hard questions as we go through life. While some will never be answered this side of heaven because "God's ways are higher than man's ways" most can be answered. Where do we find the answers? The answers are in the Word of God. This series is a resource of where to find answers in God's Word for life's questions. 

We Have not Passed this Way Before

America is changing at a record pace with the aftermath of the Corona Virus and the volatile political climate of our country. The result is we find ourselves walking through the wilderness. Where is the Lord in all of this? The Lord is in control and using the wilderness to shape his children, reach the lost, and most of all glorify God. Lets us walk with Israel and learn from their journey that we may face each day with confidence.

Everyone in 21

"The year 2020 was a year that was difficult because “social distancing” separated us from one another. Scripture has said we need one another - God did not makes us to live apart from others. More important Scripture teaches the importance of each individual. This series shows how we need each other and that EVERYONE is important.”

Thankful Hearts

November is a month when we as a nation turn our attention to "giving thanks". 2020 has been the most unusual years in American History from the world-wide pandemic to the most bitter and ugly political battle in our lifetime. It seems more challenging than ever to "Give Thanks". God never changes and His promises fail not so we have much to give thanks on even in the midst of the turmoil we find ourselves living in. Scripture has many examples of giving thanks for things that are in our daily lives - we will examine them in scripture. Let's not lose our "Thankful Hearts". 

The Psalms

This series takes a look at the five different types of psalms, the Hymnal of the Hebrews.  We’ll see how God uses the different types of songs to reach our emotions, thoughts and spirit.  The Psalms shine a light on our deepest fears and greatest heights.  They show us how to deal with our anger in a godly fashion and how to lament our failures.  Overall, they show us how and why we lift up God and why we should cherish His Word.

Broken, Battered and Blessed - The life of Jacob

The life of Jacob is one of being Broken,Battered and Blessed. Our families are not perfect and though Jacob had godly parents their home was not without problems. When looking for a perfect life remember, no one has one . We go through seasons of being broken and then a season of being battered but GOD will richly bless us as we grow and follow him. Travel through life with Jacob and see God’s Plan is not merely for a season but for a LIFETIME that will impact ETERNITY!

1 Thessalonians

We begin a new series on the book of 1 Thessalonians as we see the Apostle Paul lifting up this young church to keep living their faith as they look forward to the return of the Lord.