Attend live services Sunday morning 10:30 am, Sunday evening 6:30 pm and Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm. You are encouraged to wear a mask. All services are also live streamed.


Video Ministry MikeThe Friendship Video Ministry exists to serve God.  Spreading the Good News of Jesus is our focus.  Begun as an effort to connect the congregation within the sanctuary and around the building to worship and the message, today all three services are also broadcast live on our website and Facebook.

 During each service, two people operate cameras on the floor, one person manages PowerPoint slides and videos, while a control room operator directs, provides aerial views and switches between different cameras and displays. Services are later edited by another servant to be added to our online catalog of worship services. Additionally, the ministry heavily relies on the faithful contribution of skills, time and talent gifted of the Lord by members who work to upgrade and install equipment and navigate technical issues.

Member and non-member camera and PowerPoint volunteers are welcome to
participate.  We also welcome responsible teens. If interested, we will train you. Please speak with or e-mail Brian Lee about your area of interest and availability.

Training is also provided for church members who are interested in editing or serving as a control room operator. Both Brian and his wife Kim work together to train men and women on this equipment. This ministry is overseen by Associate Pastor Keith Wells and led by Brian Lee.