Attend live services Sunday morning 10:30 am, Sunday evening 6:30 pm and Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm. You are encouraged to wear a mask. All services are also live streamed.

How to Join

It is our custom at Friendship to sing an "Invitation Hymn" at the close of our worship service.  During the singing of this hymn you are invited to make your way to the altar where our pastors and counselors are waiting to receive you.  You are welcome to pray privately, to ask for assistance from one of the pastors or counselors, or to take one of the following steps to become a member of our church:

Join our Church by Profession of Faith
Make a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, following His example and command in Scriptural baptism (immersion).

Join our Church by Transfer of Letter
Transfer your letter of membership from another Bible-believing Church of like faith and practice. You do not need to have your letter in hand.  Our church clerk will write your former church for your letter.

Join our Church by Statement
If you have been Scripturally baptized, but your membership letter is not obtainable, we will accept you upon your statement of faith.