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Deacons are spiritual servants of the church with a focus on the needs of the congregation. Qualifications for deacons are biblically based, and can be found in 1 Timothy, 3: 8-16

Ken Bryan
My Church - Team 1
S. Foust through Helton

My Missionaries
  • Chris Rue to the Ukraine
  • Fellowship Tract League
  • James Denman to Latin America

Jim Foust 
My Church - Team 2
Martin through Nash

My Missionaries
  • Arturas Narbutas to Lithuania
  • Jake Woodfin – San Francisco
  • Chris Morales to Israel

Dave Gentile 
My Church - Team 3
Sammons through Strunk

My Missionaries
  • Brad Henderson to Tanzania
  • Eric Kreh to The Netherlands
  • Charles John to India

Bill Hays (Chairman)
My Church – Team 3 
Hensley through Kirschbaum

My Missionaries
  • Nathan Patterson & Family to Mexico
  • David Blessing to Guinea
  • Jonathan Mathews to Southern Cone Brazil
  • John Waltz to Taiwan

Milt Lawson
My Church - Team 1
R Briggs through Connors

My Missionaries
  • Missionary to Middle East

Greg Long 
My Church - Team 3
Whisman through Zembrodt

My Missionaries
  • Bill Smith to Belize
  • Ashley Siler to Togo
  • Bearing Precious Seed
  • Missionary to Korea

Norm Manger
My Church - Team 2
Knecht through Manger

My Missionaries
  • Ted Farris to the Navajo Nation
  • Samer Abdelrahman – Avant Ministries
  • Shawn Bateman to Argentina

Jeff Moore
My Church - Team 3
Sutton through Wheeler

My Missionaries

  • Josh Stewart to Asia
  • Tyler Masters to North Africa
  • The Shepherds Ministry

Mike Noonan
My Church - Team 3
Adelhardt through C Briggs

My Missionaries
  • Al Henson to Asia
  • Randy Ashcraft to Thailand
  • Chris Wave to England

Matthew Wallace
My Church - Team 3
Nashif through Rush

My Missionaries
  • Rick Salmon to Thailand
  • Shane Salmon to Thailand
  • David Gibbs III NCLL
  • Pathway to Hope

Gregg Wilkens
My Church - Team 1
Cook through P Foust

My Missionaries
  • Doug Schwaderer to the Canary Islands
  • Michael Carter to North Africa
  • Jason Reinhardt to Peru
  • Bret Anderson to Tanzania


My Church divides the church membership up between the deacons for a more focused approach on meeting the needs of our people. The teams divide the church membership into 3 sections so needs can be reviewed and decided on more quickly.

My Missionaries divides the missionaries we have between our deacons to better keep up on their ministries and possible need. This will be rolling out to the membership of the church as well. Whoever "your Deacon" is as a church member that deacon's missionaries will be your missionaries.

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